Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1 Thoughts

Her Thoughts -

We've finally made it to Honduras!  I was a bit anxious when we got to Miami since the rest of the group wasn't there yet.  I was hoping they would arrive first so we could easily spot a group of 30+ people!  But thankfully they finally arrived! I made Derek go ask a man I thought I recognized if he was part of the trip and thankfully he was otherwise I may have been a bit embarrased.  So far everyone seems very nice.  Our host family is very accomodating. Both Roger and Gisella speak English! We will get to meet their little one, Natalia, tomorrow morning. She is 4 years old.  I'm excited to head into the village tomorrow. I'm both excited and a bit anxious for Derek to see the mission side of me.  For years I prayed for am an who would have a missional heart and now I get to see if we share the same passion.  Mission trips have been a part of my life since I was 13.  Since I got my teaching job in New Orleans I haven't been on a mission trip so this is such a good feeling to be back in another country sharing God's love again!  Well I'm off to bed, we have an early start tomorrow!

His Thoughts- 

Today we left New Orleans for Miami.  Before we left New Orleans we watched the Marshalls take a man into custody.  The man didn't look suprised when it happened.  Guilty or not would be the question.  When arriving at our gate we had our id's checked by TSA while we were sitting down.  It really seemed like they a security threat or something today with extra security around the airport.  When we arrived in Miami we waited forever (just a figure of speech) for everyone else to arrive from another flight.  Amy made me go ask a man if he was with a mission trip to Honduras and thankfully he was.  After awhile everyone else started to arrive.  Our flight got delayed because the stewardess was sick.  With Miami behind us we arrived in Honduras.  Getting passed check point and customs wasn't very bad, just make sure your paperwork is done on the plane.  My wife Amy remembered a lot about filling the stuff out.  We got everything out to the buses and began loading the never ending black bags!!! It was REALLY hot out! We all loaded onto the next bus (first one was full from all the bags) and headed out of the airport.  By the way "no pictures at the airport!" While heading to the chicken place to eat we saw many broken down houses and even a man with an assult rifle in front of the gas station guarding it.  Having a sense of poverty growing up really does not compare to another country like this one.  Classic spanish food was next on the list.  It was very good.  We all talked and got assigned our host family's.  Our host family lives in a place protected by an armed guard.  Our host family is very nice.  They welcomed us into their home with open arms.  Now that we've finsihed sorting through our stuff it's time for bed.

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