Monday, July 16, 2012

Bring on the sand

His Thoughts

Today we started working on the floors.  We hauled so much sand into the building!  Amy still was a little sick this morning.  I took her into the clinic and laid her down.  Our host families husband Roger got sick as well. We all passed it around! After laying Amy down the town leaders came for a dedication ceremony.  Today we gave the local leaders the deed to the school and the clinic.  This way they will be able to get teachers into the classrooms.  It all turned out nice.  All that's left on the building is the floor and the bars for the windows.  It still is very weird doing everything by hand on these buildings.  All together everything went well for the building.  One of the Dave's today got a huge cut on his leg.  I had someone run up and ask me for my bandana.  I took it off quick.  Kind of funny story though.  First I was told it was his head and then I was told his leg got cut off.  Turns out it was just a big cut from the roofing metal. He went and got about 15 stitches.  I hope this is all that happens and there are no more injuries!

Her Thoughts

Today I started the day not feeling well but decided to go anyways.  I felt okay but then started to throw  up again.  They kept telling me they would take me back to San Pedro Sula but after some talking Derek and I decided against it.   I knew that if I went back Derek would also go back and that would hurt the amount of work that could be done on the building.  I also felt like if I was to get sicker who would I talk to to take me to the hospital.  The family where I was going only had housekeepers who would be there and spoke little English.  So instead I stayed and took a nap in the clinic while they had a ceremony for the school.  After lunch I felt better thanks to Novea, a dentist from our group, who took care of me.  

After lunch I even helped get some work done!  I helped count out vitamins and medicine.  We had to count out a certain number of pills into a small bag and then tie all of the bags back up.  I even took a stab at dental work!  I helped hold their light so they could see into the patients mouth and I also hardened a tooth with the heat gun.  Apparently 1 of the doctors was annoyed that I was in their but the dentists were thankful that I was helping.

The classroom is almost finished.  It just needs the floors put in tomorrow and the roof finished off.  We had our 1st injury today that required stitches but he is okay now!  

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