Monday, July 9, 2012

Church with a Tummy Ache on the Side

Her Thoughts

Today we started our morning at church.  It was very similar to Cross, my home church, minus the language barrier.  What I found most strange is the fact that I found myself actively engaged even though I couldn't understand some of the church service.  It was such a refreshing feeling to be able to stand up, clap my hands, and raise my hands in praise to God!  After singing several songs we were called to the front and were thanked for all we have done for their country.  We were then asked to sing a song on the spot.  If only we had a few minutes to think of a song most of us may have known.  We ended up singing "Shout to the Lord."  It was one of the first songs I ever learned in Spanish and was able to sing along in both English and Spanish.  

After church we went with Nancy & Dave's family to the beach since our families little girl was still sick.  It was about a 2 hour drive to the beach.  We got the beach house only to find out there was already a group of people there.  Apparently the wife had rented it out to another group and the husband rented it out to our group. Oopps!  Thankfully there was another church member who had another beach home close by.  After a quick stroll to the beach we discovered it was pretty gross.  It was full of lots of washed up items since it had rained quiet a bit the last few evenings. Thankfully the house had a nice pool so people could go swimming there instead.  

I ended up getting sick while we were there, not sure if it was the flu like our host  families little girl had or a case of food poisoning.  I won't go into details about being sick for your sake!  The doctor ended up giving me a prescription drug.  After about 25 minutes I noticed I was starting to get a rash, we asked him what it was and discovered it was in the same drug family as what I am allergic to.  But like a pro I had benydryl with us and was able to combat the reaction before it got too bad.  We went home early and both of us went to bed not feeling too well.

His Thoughts

Off day we both got SICK!  Today we all went down to the ocean and Amy started to feel bad .  Before we left we went to church this morning.  We all went with our host families.  Church today was very contemporary, it was nice for a change to be at a church like that.  The people asked for us to come up and they said a big thank you to us.  It really made me cry to see a community say thank you and be grateful for what we had done. It really makes the trip worth it.  

Maybe in future years the people will be joined enough to stand up to the corrupt government here and make some serious changes for the poor.  All of the people in power down here I noticed don't care about anything else but money.  They do not care about the poor.  

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