Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One block at a time - Day 3

His Thoughts

Today's bus ride had even more people on it than yesterday.  When we arrived we began working on the wall from the previous day.  Today we set the forms for the top of the wall.  A group of us must have lifted a hundred or so buckets of concrete.  People in the US don't realize how nice it is to just call a concrete truck.  Laying the concrete we mixed by hand was so heavy.  We had two people lifting the concrete to us and then we dumped it into the forms.  The children really like playing around us.  Today some of the women from our group gave haircuts and painted the girls nails.  It was really hard to keep going at the end of the day. My shoulders are still hurting from sun burn the previous day and my hands are starting to get sores on them.  I couldn't work with the gloves today because I couldn't hold the tools correctly.  The day was very productive.  Almost the whole front wall is done and the walls on the classroom are done as well.  They keep saying they never got so much done in previous years.  It is nice to know things have progressed so much in just 2 days.  I also hear the clinic saw over 100 people today.  I've heard that some people are just dehydrated.  Others have babies who are sick.  Nothing really horrible in terms of illness.  One guy who has been treating people for many years on this trip said when they first dug the well people haven't been getting sick as they used to be.  Through all my life I have not seen or heard of so much change in a community in such short amount of years.

 Her Thoughts

On day 2 in the village (day 3 of our trip) I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  We headed to the village where Derek continued to work on the classroom walls.  Boy did he get dirty!  He was lifting big buckets of mortar/cement to put the cinder blocks in place.  He was an excellent worker!  I got many compliments about how great he was doing.

While Derek built I helped with VBS (vacation bible school).  We are doing a creation theme.  We had 1 group of 3-6 year olds and 1 BIG group of 7-13 year olds.  The 2nd group was VERY big!!  After they listened to the bible story they did a craft.  The little ones made a sun/moon  mobile sort of thing and the older kids did sun catchers.  The little ones project included stickers.  Many of them had never seen stickers before so it was exciting to be able to witness this first.  Once they figured out what to do with them they were in love with the stickers.  The boys took their time to put in lots of details on their craft projects.  

Odd as it may seem I'm very glad we didn't bring any electronics with us (besides our cameras).  It's given us a chance to talk with each other and get to know more people.  Derek and I may want to consider having a night/day each week where we don't use our electronics and just talk with each other.  You never really recognize how addicted you are to something until you don't have it!  

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