Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Grand Finale

His Thoughts

Today is our last day at the village.  We started off today on setting the final forms for the concrete.  After we were all done with the forms I headed to the church to  hand out toys.  Seeing the children's faces made this trip worth every minute.  They were so happy!  When we were almost finished the concrete truck came.  It was nice to see it seeing as everything else got mixed by hand.  All of the school children said a big thank you today for everything we did.  We got all the concrete done today  All that is left on the village school building is the bars over the windows and painting.  The building should be done in about 2 weeks they said.  I am really happy that this is done!  They will be able to help many more children in the village.  We all also gave the school the school supplies to hand out.  All together this trip was a blessing for the people of Honduras and a blessing for us in our life.

Her Thoughts

Today was our last day in the village.  I felt much better today!  For our last day of VBS we made shirts that said, "Dios me Creo!" which translates into, "God Made Me!"  The kids got to decorate them with markers and then they painted a stencil animal on.  About 200 kids made shirts and then we ran out.  We found the missing shirts about 2 hours later win we were preparing to leave =(.  Following the shirts we made 300 ham and cheese sandwhiches for all the kids and many adults got to eat also.  It was a bit sad that very few children said thank you but I think so it was that they were rushed through the line a bit quickly so that we could get everyone fed in a timely manner.  When I went over to the medical clinic to help feed some of the people waiting to see the doctor many of them said thank you, some even in English!  

After lunch we did toys.  We only gave toys to the kids who had the #5 left on their bracelet like the directions had said on the first day we arrived.  It was a great feeling to see their faces light up as they got their new toy.  Something as simple as a Dollar Store barbie made the little girls faces light up.  It's such an amazing thing to think that such a simple toy can make a children so happy in Honduras but here in the US so many kids would look at you like you were nuts if you gave them a cheap barbie doll.  There were some sad kids who didn't get toys but it taught the the importance of following directions, their teachers should love us!

All of the cement was poured.  The school should be ready in about 2 weeks.  They need electric run, bars over the windows, and some paint before its ready.  An  electric company from the church we worked with will be coming later in the week to finish the electric.  It's a great feeling to know we helped make many more children's futures brighter.  For many children school is the only way out of poverty and these new school rooms will help many more children be able to attend school.  I was able to play some games with the kids before we left.  It was great to see them laugh and smile!

Overall, I think the trip went well.  We are excited to share our stories but we are ready to be home and see Sammy dog!  We are a bit anxious to see if everything is okay at home! 

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