Monday, August 27, 2012

And now we wait!

It's safe to say we are ready for this Tropical Storm or Hurricane, well at least we have enough food!  It seems the storm in the Gulf has decided it would like to turn and is headed towards the New Orleans area.  We still aren't quiet sure when it will hit or how strong it will be.  Yesterday Derek, Sarah my new co-worker, and I went and filled up my car with gasoline and went on a Walmart run.  The gas station lines were crazy long!  Thankfully we went early enough that we beat most of the lines and where able to get gas before it ran out.  We are stocked up on all supplies that we may need.  I made sure we had some cookies and pop for myself!  Walmart was very busy and had very little water left.  Thankfully we had bought a bunch of water the week before so we were pretty stocked already.  We only picked up a few bottles to  add to our water pile in case we are without power for a few days.
The water aisle at Walmart

School has been cancelled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I am hoping it will be cancelled on Thursday also since school was already planned to be cancelled for Friday and Monday.  We are supposed to have a teachers conference on Friday and have off for Labor Day on Monday.

I suppose I am a little worried that all of my students will return to school a bit scared.  When you are 5 and aren't quiet sure what to do during a huge storm it can create some HUGE anxiety issues.  Hopefully I will be able to help my kiddos work through some of this and provide them a safe and comforting setting in our classroom.

So far only a few parishes have been evacuated and according to the news the commute from downtown to where we live out in Metairie is now taking 2 and a half hours.  On a usual day this may take 30 minutes tops during rush hour.  Traveling out of the city is going very slowly.  Slowly but surely they will start closing down some of the roads and bridges for the next day or so.  So now we just sit and wait and see what happens.  With all of the newly improved levees the fears are a bit lower about this storm.  However, for some people the fact that this storm is occurring at the exact same time that Katrina occurred is very scary.  So as we wait I thought I'd let everyone know what's happening so far down here and I'm hoping to try to keep people updated as the storm approaches.  Please keep our family and our city in your prayers as we await the storm.  More to come....

Friday, August 24, 2012

A week of school and some new projects

I have officially made it through one full week of Kindergarten!  All week I have had 22 students. I think it may be somewhat safe to assume that is how many I may have for awhile.  I have some very fun students this year.  The boys far out number the girls this year so lots of our activities involve movement.  We spent our week learning about the letter l. I know more about ladybugs and lions than I care to know about for now.  Did you know there are more than 5,000 different ladybug types?!?!  

Derek has been busy working on 2 new projects.  We found this cart out by the dumpster of our apartment complex. 
With a few coats of new spray paint and a new top it looks great!  He has already put it to good use at his work!

Derek has also been working on making a home made windmill.  He has finished the coils for it so far.  

We had planned to go to the zoo last weekend but we had a LARGE amount of rain last weekend. We have had quiet a bit of rain the last week or so.  There is also some possibility of a hurricane coming our way. It's still a bit to early to know what direction it will go.  They have a few different projection models but it's a bit too early to know.  I hope you all have a great weekend!! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Half a Week Down.. LOTS more to go!

Well my first official week, or should I say half week, has come to an end.  Unlike last year when I had a rather small class my class size has DOUBLED this year! Talk about a bit of a shocker to go from 12 students to 19, or 20, or 21, or even 22 depending on the day this week.  Apparently I am supposed to have 22 students this year. So far my class size has changed every single day this week.  I'm looking forward to the time when I have the same number of students several days in  a row and have an official class list that is totally accurate!!  I'm not sure if I'm scared, worried, or excited about this.  There has been some talk about getting an aid but I'm not sure how that will all work out.  I think I am a bit worried about having an aid since I've never had one before and I feel like it may be more work than it would be worth. Who knows?!?! Maybe I will really like it.  I have quiet a few different levels of students this year. I've got a few who are reading or close to reading and some that have no idea what the letters in the alphabet even look like.  This should be a challenging but hopefully rewarding year for all of us!

Derek has been busy working on making his windmill. He spent a few hours last night making what I think are coils for it. (ask him not me lol)  The weather has been a bit yucky the last few evenings but I am hoping it is nice out tomorrow so we can go to the zoo with our free passes!  He and I have never been to the zoo together and my last few trips have been with 60+ students along with me. Needless to say my past few zoo trips have been a bit hectic and I couldn't even tell you what animals I saw if I had to!  While I love field trips because they give many of my students experiences that they may never have had before or will have in the future they are STRESSFUL!  It will be nice to go to the zoo and not have to worry about someones child running away from the group or being stolen by some random stranger! 

I hope all of my teacher friends who went back this week have had a great first week! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

End of Summer

It's hard to believe in just a few more days my 4th year of teaching will begin! I am not sure if I am excited or nervous for this year.  I think perhaps one of the most frustrating things at this moment is that I have NO idea how many students I'll really have on Tuesday!!  How does one put up name tags when you don't really know if they are going to show up or not?  But none the less I'll be ready for them on Tuesday!

Derek has been doing lots of different projects this summer.  Some of the projects have included a home made telescope and paper Star Wars Guys.

Successful picture of the moon

Star Wars characters

The current project is a windmill.  I am excited to start using my Sizzix Big Shot machine this weekend to emboss some cards!  I am one week away from finishing my first Master's Degree course also!