Monday, August 27, 2012

And now we wait!

It's safe to say we are ready for this Tropical Storm or Hurricane, well at least we have enough food!  It seems the storm in the Gulf has decided it would like to turn and is headed towards the New Orleans area.  We still aren't quiet sure when it will hit or how strong it will be.  Yesterday Derek, Sarah my new co-worker, and I went and filled up my car with gasoline and went on a Walmart run.  The gas station lines were crazy long!  Thankfully we went early enough that we beat most of the lines and where able to get gas before it ran out.  We are stocked up on all supplies that we may need.  I made sure we had some cookies and pop for myself!  Walmart was very busy and had very little water left.  Thankfully we had bought a bunch of water the week before so we were pretty stocked already.  We only picked up a few bottles to  add to our water pile in case we are without power for a few days.
The water aisle at Walmart

School has been cancelled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I am hoping it will be cancelled on Thursday also since school was already planned to be cancelled for Friday and Monday.  We are supposed to have a teachers conference on Friday and have off for Labor Day on Monday.

I suppose I am a little worried that all of my students will return to school a bit scared.  When you are 5 and aren't quiet sure what to do during a huge storm it can create some HUGE anxiety issues.  Hopefully I will be able to help my kiddos work through some of this and provide them a safe and comforting setting in our classroom.

So far only a few parishes have been evacuated and according to the news the commute from downtown to where we live out in Metairie is now taking 2 and a half hours.  On a usual day this may take 30 minutes tops during rush hour.  Traveling out of the city is going very slowly.  Slowly but surely they will start closing down some of the roads and bridges for the next day or so.  So now we just sit and wait and see what happens.  With all of the newly improved levees the fears are a bit lower about this storm.  However, for some people the fact that this storm is occurring at the exact same time that Katrina occurred is very scary.  So as we wait I thought I'd let everyone know what's happening so far down here and I'm hoping to try to keep people updated as the storm approaches.  Please keep our family and our city in your prayers as we await the storm.  More to come....

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