Friday, August 17, 2012

Half a Week Down.. LOTS more to go!

Well my first official week, or should I say half week, has come to an end.  Unlike last year when I had a rather small class my class size has DOUBLED this year! Talk about a bit of a shocker to go from 12 students to 19, or 20, or 21, or even 22 depending on the day this week.  Apparently I am supposed to have 22 students this year. So far my class size has changed every single day this week.  I'm looking forward to the time when I have the same number of students several days in  a row and have an official class list that is totally accurate!!  I'm not sure if I'm scared, worried, or excited about this.  There has been some talk about getting an aid but I'm not sure how that will all work out.  I think I am a bit worried about having an aid since I've never had one before and I feel like it may be more work than it would be worth. Who knows?!?! Maybe I will really like it.  I have quiet a few different levels of students this year. I've got a few who are reading or close to reading and some that have no idea what the letters in the alphabet even look like.  This should be a challenging but hopefully rewarding year for all of us!

Derek has been busy working on making his windmill. He spent a few hours last night making what I think are coils for it. (ask him not me lol)  The weather has been a bit yucky the last few evenings but I am hoping it is nice out tomorrow so we can go to the zoo with our free passes!  He and I have never been to the zoo together and my last few trips have been with 60+ students along with me. Needless to say my past few zoo trips have been a bit hectic and I couldn't even tell you what animals I saw if I had to!  While I love field trips because they give many of my students experiences that they may never have had before or will have in the future they are STRESSFUL!  It will be nice to go to the zoo and not have to worry about someones child running away from the group or being stolen by some random stranger! 

I hope all of my teacher friends who went back this week have had a great first week! 

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