Friday, August 23, 2013

Where did the summer go?

Wow!  As I was getting ready to pay the bills for the month I realized that August is almost over!! Where did the summer go?  It's a bit crazy to think we began the summer in New Orleans and are now living in Illinois.  Our move went very well.  We had one small hiccup, at our first stop we noticed my car was no longer connected correctly to the car dolly but thankfully it did not fall off!!  For the most part everything is in its place while we are staying at my parents.

Derek begins school on Monday with 5 classes.  He is excited and anxious to get his degree finished.  He noticed that he has the same professor for 3 different classes this semester!  I hope the professor is good =)  We are currently waiting on his financial aid package and praying for some assistance.  He was denied financial aid originally since we were making too much money.  However, now that he is returning to school and only I am working our finances are a bit different.

I have started my job at A.I.D., working with mentally handicapped adults, and have just finished my first full week of work.  I had originally worked at A.I.D. while I was in college and have returned.  After two days of new employee training I have been able to jump right back into working at the homes and workshops.  I have been able to enjoy lots of laughs with the clients I already knew as well as meet several new clients.

 I have had several interviews for teaching positions and other educational jobs but haven't gotten a job yet.   I am still praying for a teaching job in the near future.  I would greatly appreciate any prayers you could offer for a potential job!  It was very strange to not purchase things for my classroom this summer or to update my lesson plans.  I truly do miss being in the classroom already!

Derek and I have really enjoyed being able to help out at Caring Hands Thrift Shop since we have been back.  I am truly amazed by all the people the store has been able to bless.  It's hard to believe that something that started as a simple collection of items in my parents basement has turned into an awesome ministry for God!   Plus it's great being able to sort through the donations.  It's like opening Christmas presents every day, you never know what you'll find inside the box! 

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