Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Goals

GOALS.... for some reason this word has always sort of scared me. Perhaps it's not the word but the possibility that I will not finish or complete the goal that scares me.  I have a tendency to shy away from writing down or telling people my goals for fear of not completing them and disappointing not only myself but others as well.  SO this is the month where I put it out there. Perhaps its my way of proving to myself  that I can indeed complete goals.

GOAL 1: Complete my portfolio for my Masters Degree
I've been putting this portfolio off for far too long.  There are 6 sections and I simply need to have 21 examples with small explanations in order to complete this task.  Each week I will need to complete 2 sections or more.

GOAL 2: Workout at LEAST 3 times a week (NOT counting Sunday workout class)
My health is important. I want to be in the best shape possible for myself, Derek, and our future children.

GOAL 3: Make AND send at least 3 people cards
I love to make cards but then I always seem to forget them. 

GOAL 4: Take time to enjoy life with family and friends and build stronger relationships
Now that I am back to work full time and Derek is in school full time and working part time it will be important to take whatever free time I can get to spend time with Derek.  Time without electronics!

GOAL 5: Devotions and Read More
I keep saying I need to read more and start my day or end my night with devotions.